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We created THE FASHION WOK with a lot of love & passion as our little movement to support the revival of craftsmanship where we collaborate with independent designers, NGOs, and Artisans who make original, ethically produced products that are unique & own a piece of history. We aim to be the marketplace where you can not only tell YOUR STORY but also interact with a global community who not only love all things creative but in particular like to connect with the story behind your design's INSPIRATION, the PROCESS and most importantly YOU!

If you are an independent Brand/Designer/NGO/Artisanal Collective that would like to showcase & sell your products as a part of our 'curated' showcase we would be absolutely thrilled to hear from you. Please email our Sourcing team with your 'Product Info' and 'Proposal' at and let's make it happen!

Big Love, The Fashion Wok team x

Enjoy $10 off your 1st Order & a VIP Access to our Secret Sales, Freebies, 'Cheese & Wine' Invites, 1st dibs on our New Arrivals & more.. we promise NO SPAMS ever! x