Welcome to THE FASHION WOK a global, online Fashion & Lifestyle shopping destination cooking the yummiest designer creations 24/7 actively supporting independent makers & artisans from around the globe. We are so happy to see you!  

We are a small 'Boutique' Australian-owned business and our Fashion Retail journey started back in 2008 with this gorgeous boutique store on Chapel street, Melbourne, Australia..We are now a complete Online platform with exciting 'Pop-Ups' planned throughout the year. 

We are extremely passionate about restoring & reviving the legacy of craftsmanship using old weaving techniques which are slowly getting extinct as we are rapidly losing generations of artisans' skills with our weavers & artisans (who have inherited the craft from their ancestors) but do not have the means to gain exposure, scale their business and connect with people who care about their story and struggling for their survival..THE FASHION WOK is a step in that direction to build a global community who not only like creative, unique, quirky products but also like to connect with the story behind a design's inspiration, its people and the process!

The collections we curate & showcase for you:
  • are truly 'unique' & 'exclusive' as we stock products with a SUPERIOR quality, however, LIMITED in quantity direct from the makers;
  • are born from the passion of independent designers and artisans from diverse backgrounds who tell their story through their products;
  • are modern & contemporary in design using traditional art techniques with beautiful intricate detailing where each creation owns an individual character & a piece of history;
  • are ethically produced & handcrafted with thought, care & lots of love. 

We hope you will enjoy being 'different & unique' shopping our great products & along the way support our weavers, artisans and embroiders who make our products possible for you.Wishing you a wonderful shopping experience at www.thefashionwok.com!

Big Love, The Fashion Wok team x


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